The calendar of the reservations indicates the periods available and the periods already booked Click on the image to open it..










Procedure of hiring






1) For the reservation of the lodging, you have to make sure that yhe period is still available by looking at the calendar of the reservations above.

2) After confirmation of the availability of the period of hiring, please fill, print and send the form for reservation. For this, you can send it (adresses on the contact page) by e-mail.

3) When we confirm you the availability please download the leasing agreement.

4) Return by mail 2 specimens of the leasing agreement signed (while being marked there “read and approved”) and a partal payment(30% of the price of the hiring) to validate the reservation.

5) Once the leasing agreement signed and the payment of the down payments carried out, the hiring is validated. Wer will send back to you by mail your specimen of the leasing agreement signed.

6) The remaining due will be paid at your arrival to the lodging.